Being faced with a disgruntled customer can often be a very stressful experience, and this is only amplified when this takes place on social media. Whether it’s a 1 star review on Facebook or a comment on your latest Instagram post, things can quickly be blown out of proportion, so it’s important that the situation is managed correctly and in a professional manner.

So, I’ve put together a quick 6 step guide to handling Social Media complaints, whether you’re in charge of your company’s Social Media or you’re a sole tradesman running the whole operation!


It can be annoying having your phone pinging off every few minutes, but when you’re running an online presence it is very important that you keep your finger on the buzzer.

Setup as many notifications as you can for your social media accounts, comments, likes, messages, the lot! This way you’ll never miss a thing.

React Quickly

Responding quickly to a customer’s complaint is imperative to show that you are willing to take responsibility and that you care! It also lets you defuse the situation before things spiral out of control and other people get involved.

Try take a moment from what you’re doing to help out one of your existing customers (after all, they’re the easiest customer group to sell to!).

Think About It From Their Perspective

Customers often turn to social media to complain as they could have possibly made multiple attempts to contact you before hand. When they get in touch, thank them for contacting and let them know that you understand their frustration.

Take It Offline

No one wants to see your conversation with an upset customer plastered all over their social media. Ask them to contact you privately, be it email, phone or direct message. In the best cases, reach out to them directly if you have the necessary information to do so.

Say Sorry

No matter how much you wish you could bash your head against the keyboard in frustration, always say sorry for the situation (even if it’s not your fault!). Try as hard as you can to avoid excuses, now is a time to resolve what’s happened, not point fingers and try place the blame on someone/something else.

Provide A Solution

Provide a solution to the customers in the easiest way possible for them to understand. No one wants to read an essay, try keep your solutions concise and be straight to the point.

This is also a great opportunity to go one step further and make sure your customer stays loyal to your company/brand. Try offering a freebie or discount code to smooth things over once and for all.

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