Do you really need a website anymore? This is a question that frequently crops up when speaking to potential clients. With platforms such as Facebook constantly getting easier to manage and better at putting your business in front of customers, do you really need to invest in a website?

When speaking to clients I only like to offer services that I believe will 100% provide value and a ROI, so I found this question difficult to answer. Was I being bias as a web developer? Was I protecting my own business over the interests of my clients? Has Mark Zuckerberg found a way to make the very basis of the internet – websites – redundant in 2019?

And the threat to Google comes not only from Facebook, but from it’s sister platform Instagram – which for a while now has been showing businesses as ‘locations’ which can be easily searched for, tagged and updated with content from real life customers in order to spread awareness. It’s a big rumour in the online world at the moment that more and more searches are staring outside of Google – on social media, within Amazon and through other rival search engines. Does this make a website an un-necessary complication? Facebook business pages can often be the first result when searching, and Instagram provides a way for your current customers to promote and build a brand presence for you, no effort required.

Social media is a growing platform which by all means should be utilised and prioritised as a channel, but if you want your business to have a truly strong online presence, a website is essential. Here’s why:

  1. Brand Identity Can’t be Conveyed Through a Cookie Cutter Platform.

Yes, a Facebook business page is a useful tool – but it is not what brands are made of. By nature, these pages are the same. By limiting yourself to this platform, you are limiting your business’ ability to stand out. No matter how many delicately curated images and 120 character posts you upload on there, it’s still going to look pretty close to that of your competitors. It fails to make a connection with your target audience in the way that a website can.

What a website provides is a way to stand out, be louder and brighter than the competition. By providing the ability to narrate your businesses own story through the site design, text content, graphics, photos and video, you’re more able to entice your target audience. This then leads to increased customer engagement, feeding into your social media presence. Only once customers become brand loyal will they start to like and tag your pages, exemplifying how a website is the heart of your online presence, while socials are your arteries.  And if the struggle here is that you can’t envision what that could look like, I can certainly help.

2. Google Searches Still Count for Something (…Okay, a Lot)

While we keep hearing that Google’s glory days are limited, and searches are taking place more and more on other channels, the statistics don’t necessarily back this up – most sources still claim that Google’s search demand is still rising by roughly +10% per year. With 3.5 billion searches being made here per day already, it is vital to businesses that they prioritise their search position. While Facebook pages and Instagram tags may sometimes show high in the search results, they often don’t. Having a website allows for more content and conversion capabilities, which Google strongly weight as ranking factors for sites.

In short, having a website (if done right) should increase your market visibility.

3. Stay In Control

As we all know, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are all obsessed with staying fresh and relevant. For this reason, they often change the appearance and structure of their sites and applications. This means that we have no real guarantee that what we can do on our business page now, we will be able to do in 3 months.

When working with a website developer, you are able to tailor your site to your specific needs and KPIs, all with the peace of mind that in 3, 6, 9 months time the site will still be able to provide these capabilities. Not only that, but more can be added as they become needed. Your site can grow with your business, hand in hand.

4. Build Business Credibility

Anyone can set up a Facebook business page, an Instagram page, even a LinkedIn page is easy to slam together these days. With many markets becoming growingly saturated, it’s important that people can see that your business is a professional, credible establishment – not just a I’ll-Set-Up-This-Page-And-See-How-It-Goes slap job. We’ve all been on business pages that seem questionable: some even appear to be fakes of real businesses.

A well built and designed website immediately casts authority on a business. It sets a strong first impression for anyone viewing it, which in turn leads to immediate brand credibility.

In all, my conscience is clean here. I truly believe that my promotion of web design to my clients is probably more beneficial to them than it is to me. Your website really is the soul of your online presence – and if you don’t have one, you should really start thinking why not.

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